Hurricane Dorian has now been upgraded to a Category 5.   Dorian is moving across the northern Bahamas and could affect our weather on the Eastern Shore sometime Thursday.   At this point there is a great deal of uncertainty as to the potential effects that a then weakened Dorian will have on the Eastern Shore.   As of now, we could see some heavy rain and possibly tropical storm winds.

The fact is that four days is an eternity in the life of a hurricane and as of now it’s not possible to determine exactly what affect Dorian will have on our weather here on the Eastern Shore.

Here is what we think will happen.   Dorian will NOT be a category 5 hurricane when it reaches our latitude on Thursday. It will probably be a Category 1. Remember, one of the most devastating hurricanes to occur

the Eastern Shore, the 1933 hurricane was a category 1.

Hurricane Dorian Arrival Times 2

Predicted arrival

What is likely to happen is heavy waves, beach erosion and high tides.   What is questionable at this point is whether we will receive heavy rain and how strong the winds will be here.

Eastern Shore residents should keep an eye on the progress of the storm over the next four days. Remember even a glancing blow could cause damage. Tidal flooding is likely, especially on the sea side but if Dorian moves slightly to the west all of that could change.

The good news is that here on the Shore we have time to prepare.   Here is what you should do now.

Visit the WESR Hurricane Survival Guide sponsored by A&N Electric Co-op or pick up a copy of our printed version at dozens of locations up and down the Eastern Shore.   Read through the entire guide and decide what you will have to do to prepare for the effects of Dorian. It is more important than ever for you to have a plan.

Hurricane Dorian Arrival Times

Predicted arrival of Tropical Force winds

Be prepared to start major preparations by Tuesday morning.   Unless Dorian takes a major turn to the east, it is likely we will be affected by the storm.

If you have a boat in the water decide whether or not you will pull it out if possible or ad extra lines and bumpers.   Check bilge pumps to make sure they’re in working order.

Make sure you have supplies you might need to secure your home and make it for a period of time without power if necessary.   That will include enough food and water to last for at least three days.   Flashlights, a portable radio and extra batteries plus material you need to secure your home. Make sure your prescriptions are adequate to last for at least a week or more.

Hurricane Dorion Predicted RainfallRemember that last year then tropical storm Michael hit us with a surprise flooding event which wasn’t really predicted.

Remember, it is much better to be prepared in advance. The perfect scenario for us would be for Dorian to pass far enough off shore to spare us from heavy rains and winds. By the time we really know what will happen it may be too late to prepare.

If you make preparations and nothing happens no harm done. If you don’t prepare and we have a major weather event it could cost you your life or cause severe damage to your property. It could be catastrophic.