Picture L to R: NHS Assistant Principal and CTE Coordinator Dr. Charles King, November NHS Teacher of the Month Denise Topping,  and NHS Principal Mike Myers.

Northampton high School has named its teacher of the month, students of the month and its straight A student.

Denise Topping has been named Teacher of the Month at Northampton High School. Ms. Topping, a four year veteran at Northampton , was recently selected as Teacher of the Month for November. While working as a reading tutor at Northampton Middle School Ms. Topping realized how much she enjoyed teaching and she decidedto enroll in the Liberty University Master of Education Program.

Mrs. Heather Marsh, Assistant Principal at NHS stated, “Ms. Topping is understanding, committed, and tireless in her efforts to work with students. Her commitment to working with some of the most challenging students has led to some incredible graduation success stories.”  Ms. Topping stated, “she enjoys watching students grow from being unsure of their ability to reaching their full potential.”

Some of the comments made by Ms. Topping’s students were:

* Ms. Topping is a great teacher.  She is tough but fair.  You know she cares about her students.”

* Ms. Topping always challenges you to do your best.”

“Ms. Topping makes students behave so students like me can learn.”

Ms. Topping serves as Secretary of the Eastern Shore Community Engagement Non-Profit Organization.  This community organization serves the eastern Shore through various initiatives.



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