By Delegate Rob Bloxom

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This year the Democratic Party has the majority in both the House and the Senate. Currently we are operating without rules of organization due to disagreement between the House and Senate. Hopefully differences will be settled soon so that we can do what the voters sent us to do.

I have been given my committee assignments by the Speaker, and am extremely pleased. I remain on the Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Chesapeake Committee. My two new assignments are the Appropriations Committee and the Privileges and Elections Committee.

In the House of Delegates, bills are still being finalized but have not been assigned to any committees yet. The pace will have to significantly increase soon in order for us to finish our work in sixty days.

As always, I welcome you to visit me in Richmond, or call me at (804)698-1000 if you have any questions or concerns. You may also email me at


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