Counties Considering Joining Hampton Roads Sanitation District

October 30, 2019

Today we’re continuing our series of stories on the proposal by the Hampton Roads Sanitation to provide service to the Eastern Shore


Will the rural areas and small bayside and seaside towns ever receive service?

Throughout the history of the Eastern Shore, enjoying living on the water has  had a  a price . Living in these areas usually means that services such as electricity and phone service the 1930s was slow to get to those communities and individual residences. The establishment of the REA allowed service to be extended to those areas.  Today the same situation exists with Wi Fi services. The cost of providing pure broadband services to the outlying areas is steep. The same situation would exist with central sewage service.

However establishing central sewage system down the spine of the Eastern Shore would be a significant first step in eventually providing that service to the rural areas. However there is no guarantee that anything like that would be forthcoming

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If I’m not going to be served why should I care?

The establishment of service down the spine of the Eastern Shore would result in economic benefits that would affect everyone on the Eastern Shore. Job opportunities would extend to all residents not just those in the middle of the Shore. Affordable housing clusters would also help solve the housing shortage problem.


Where will the pipeline run?

The main pipe line will run down the railroad right of way. The Board of Directors of Cannonie Atlantic has already shown interest in entering into an easement agreement with the HRSD.

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Who will pay for the initial pipeline?

HRSD will assume all costs for construction and maintenance of the pipeline. No county or town money will be involved.


Will Onancock still be responsible for the $4 million in debt owed on the sewage

The HRSD has said it cannot assume that obligation.  Delegate Bloxom and Senator Lewis have plans to request funding from the state to assist with this issue in the 2020-22 state budget.

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