Allen Clark Jr. Inc has been selected remove all of the buildings at the Whispering Pines. Clark submitted a low bid of $185,260 to remove all of the buildings, fill in the pool and abate asbestos that was discovered in a structure which was previously unidentified in the hazardous materials inspection.

Deputy County Administrator of Planning and Community Development Rich Morrison said that all of the buildings were considered dangerous and will be removed.   The old parking lot and some of the concrete slabs will remain.

When asked how the county might recover some of the revenue spent on the project, Morrison said that the cost of the project will be levied as a lein on the property.

A discussion ensued on using this method to begin removing other dangerous structures in the county. Supervisor Ron Wolfe asked if this was possible. Morrison said that it was and often when the county threatens to do this, property owners will work to improve the property making the buildings not accessible by either doing improvements themselves which could be as little as boarding up the structures to prevent anyone from entering. Structures that are not accessible will be last on the priority list. The county concentrates on structures that are near roads and more likely to be dangerous to the general public.

Morrison thanked the staff including Mark Bowden, Deputy Building Administrator and Lucy Huffman, Procurement Assistant for their work in making the project possible.

The demolition is expected to be complete by late June.