By Wesley Edwards

At Wednesday night’s Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting, when it came time for individual supervisors to make their closing remarks, Supervisor Grayson Chesser stated that even though the state of Virginia has been pushing regionalism he feels that, like in a marriage, the two parties have to have the same goals and priorities.

He used the example that Accomack has pledged $2 million to assist with a regional library, while Northampton has not donated or pledged anything.

Northampton County has made it very clear that they are not happy with the broadband authority or its coverage in Northampton County, contrary to the apparent feelings in Accomack.

The third example might be the willingness of Accomack to issue an after-the-fact permit for a small trailer for ANEC while interior improvements are going on at their office, where Northampton told A&N Electric they would have to remove a tower that was built without a permit, rather than issuing the permit.

Wednesday night’s complaint from Charlene Zack of Pungoteague about many large chicken farms also is in stark contrast to the zero chicken farm policy in Northampton.

“It appears the priorities in each county aren’t always necessarily the same,” closed Chesser.