Pictured: Supervisor Grayson Chesser, a life long Eastern Shoreman and decoy carver. He will not be running again for his Supervisor seat. Picture courtesy of virginiafolklife.org.



At Wednesday night’s Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting,  Supervisor Grayson Chesser called a recent article in the Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore’s ShoreLine newsletter which claimed that the current water use on the Eastern Shore is not sustainable false.

Chesser called on Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore to retract the allegation:


“At yesterday’s ground water meeting Supervisor [Paul] Muhly questioned Britt McMillan, our consultant, about a recent article in Shore Line that gave the impression that our current groundwater use was not sustainable,” said Chesser. “According to McMillan(a hydrologist who studies the Eastern Shore), our current use is sustainable. Clearly this article gives a false impression. I urge the Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore to correct this false impression of this article as soon as possible. I believe they have a moral responsibility to do so. We ran into this before with Shorekeepers, when Shorekeeper stated if we put a sewer plant with on land application in Onancock that we would put our sole source aquifer in jeopardy, which was absolutely untrue. I think whether you make a false statement purposefully or inadvertently, you need to correct it if you want to keep your credibility.”

As has been reported previously by ShoreDailyNews.com, McMillan has presented reports to the boards of both Counties that the current use of the soul source aquifer is sustainable.

The article in question appears on page 6 of the newsletter.