The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel has altered its original plans for Hurricane Dorian following the worsening of the forecast this morning from the National Weather Service.

“We are now expecting wind restricting conditions overnight with gusts reaching as high as 85 mph early tomorrow morning,” said CBBT CEO Jeff Holland. “Keep in mind registered winds on the bay are typically worse than the NWS forecast.  This will probably result in closure of the facility at some point overnight and most of the day on Friday as conditions warrant.”

All project lane closures are being removed today.  The equipment on # 1 and # 2 island is being secured.  Wind vans will be leveraged to assist customers when winds are less than 60 mph prior to and after the nucleus of the storm hits our area. 

Customers should avoid transporting exterior cargo or towing trailers to minimize travel disruption during this storm event. The current track of the storm indicates that customers should anticipate wind restrictions beginning as early as 6pm this evening, with full closure of the facility occurring when winds reach 70 mph, which is expected to arrive as early as late Thursday night. Customers are advised that the CBBT is not an evacuation route as determined by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

Travel restrictions due to wind begin on the the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel when sustained winds reach 40 mph, and the facility only closes if sustained winds exceed 70 mph. You can see the full wind restriction chart here as well as the Dorian update on the CBBT website here.


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