By Ted Shockley


After eight months of a detour along the edges of a farm field, the Hillsborough community near Belle Haven has its entry road back.

The road, washed out during a September deluge, was reopened on Wednesday, May 15.

It was welcome news at the regular meeting of the Accomack County Board of Supervisors, with Supervisor Reneta Major praising state transportation workers who worked to reopen the road.

“I just want to thank VDOT,” said Major, speaking of the Virginia Department of Transportation. Hillsborough is in Major’s election district.

In September, 18 inches of rain fell in an eight-hour period, washing out part of Hillsborough Drive between a pond and Occohannock Creek.

The only way to access the subdivision, which has roughly 50 lots and homesites, was through an unimproved road nearly a mile long.