The Accomack County Board of Supervisors unveiled the 2021 proposed county budget Monday night.  The $69,378,970 budget is a 18.9% increase over FY 2020.  The new budget includes  new cash capital expenditures of  $4, 372,691 up approximately 2 million over last year.  It also proposes to borrow $6,025,400 to cover a new cell at the Northern landfill and for improvements in the 911 communications system.

The Proposed budget includes:

  • A $1,043,000 increase for the Public School System
  • No change in staffing levels
  • Cash funding of $4.4 million for capital projects
  • Debt issuance of 6 million to pay for a new cell at the landfill and a new communications system for 911
  • $122,000 of general revenue for capital and other one time needs in FY 2021
  • Makes 50% of a scheduled deposit into the county Rainy Day Fund
  • Provides a 2% wage increase for County and State supported employees or targeted raises for DPS employees over a two year period
  • Uses additional projected tax revenues from the 2020 Real Property Reassessment to fund new initiatives or if needed will increase the real estate tax 1 cent to pay for the debt service tied to the public safety radio upgrade

Projected revenues include:

  • $34,564,252 or 57.2% in general property tax revenues
  • $115,074 or .02% in miscellaneous income
  • $8,527,293 or 14.1% in other local taxes
  • $422,703 or .07% in permits, fees and licenses
  • $4,083,134 or 6.8% from charges for services
  • $179,230 or .03% for recovered costs
  • $9,713,641 or 16.1% in state aid
  • $2,124,043 or 3.5% in Federal Aid
  • $70,000 or .01% in fines and forfeitures

The Board held a special work session Wednesday night to receive budget requests from County agencies. The Board will work to reconcile the requests submitted with available funding and has scheduled a public hearing on the final budget for early March.