The State has thrown a curve in local budgets by implementing new overtime rules for state and county employees, effective July 1.  In essence local governments will no longer be able to use comp time as a benefit for employees. Certain county employees are given comp time at a rate of time and a half when they exceed 40 hours in a given week. Now the County will have to pay overtime.

The counties were blind sided by this action by the General Assembly.

As of July 1, however a state law that adopts federal standards will require the County to pay overtime in lieu of comp time. This would  be a budget hit for Accomack County of $240,000.

Due to the complexity of this issue,  we will feature the Accomack County Board of Supervisors discussion of this problem on today’s issue of Shore Talk at 12:35.  Please listen or bring it up on the WESR app to hear the discussion.