Jon Richardson of the Accomack County Health Department updated the Board of Supervisors Wednesday on the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Richardson echoed the comments he made on Coffee with Kelley on WESR Tuesday. The entire interview is available in its entirety on the Eastern Shore Radio app.

He had talked with the state this afternoon and the allocation for next week is only 25% of the requested number of cases and added that could change as this is a day to day situation.

Supervisor Crockett questioned if there was a plan for additional help should supplies become available. Richardson said there is a plan to utilize EMTs and other available help to get the doses out if the vaccine is obtained.

Crockett said that he was satisfied that there was significant help available to administer the vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

Supervisor Major asked if there has been any adverse reaction to the vaccines among those who have received them. Richardson replied that so far on the Eastern Shore there have been no reactions.

Supervisor Harris Phillips asked if second doses are being held for those who have received the first dose. Richardson said there is a Federal plan to supply second doses but it remains to be seen when they will be available. He added that a delay in receiving a second dose would not affect the immunity given by the vaccine.

Supervisor Muhle asked what Richardson thought of the situation with the schools. Richardson said he is working closely with the school system. Accomack County plans to resume in person hybrid learning on Monday.

Chairman Ron Wolffe presented an idea that would allow local fire stations to be used to distribute vaccines. Richardson said that there has to be a provider relationship. They can’t just hand out vaccine. He speculated that if needed perhaps a pharmacy could fill such a role.

Richardson said that when we get to a mass vaccination stage there are plans to handle it and if it came down to it they might be able to find a way to make use of the fire company distribution if it became necessary.

Richardson concluded that they are doing everything to get vaccines in arms but the problem is supply.

Richardson also said that there are plans to have the poultry plants to administer vaccines to their employees as soon as the supply is available.