One more day of minor to moderate flooding is expected today on both the bay and seasides.  High tides will result in some flooded roads in areas on the bayside including Saxis/Sanford,  Deep Creek and Chesconessex,  Onancock, East Point, Harborton, Occohannock,  and Cape Charles.  On the seaside,  some tidal flooding can be expected around Greenbackville, Chincoteague,  Folly Creek, Wachapreague, Willis Wharf and Oyster. On the bayside high tides will occur this morning between 9 a.m. and 12:3 p.m.  On the seaside high tides will occur between 8 and 9 a.m. You can see the tides in your location by listening to 103. The Shore,  Coastal Country 105.7./1330 or check out the tide chart on

Bayside tide predictions
October 12, 2019
Cape Charles Harbor2:50 am8:52 am3:14 pm9:04 pm
Chesconessex Creek5:48 am11:50 am6:12 pm12:02 am
Fishermans Island1:54 am8:20 am2:18 pm8:32 pm
Guard Shore6:31 am12:10 pm6:55 pm12:22 am
Kiptopeke Beach2:19 am8:24 am2:43 pm8:36 pm
Muddy Creek Entrance7:17 am12:21 pm7:41 pm12:33 am
Nassawadox Creek3:42 am10:03 am4:06 pm10:15 pm
Occohanock Creek4:57 am10:39 am5:21 pm10:51 pm
Old Plantation Flats2:39 am8:40 am3:03 pm8:52 pm
Onancock dock6:02 am11:59 am6:26 pm12:11 am
Pungoteague Creek5:31 am11:29 am5:55 pm11:41 pm
Tangier Sound Light5:42 am11:58 am6:06 pm12:10 am
Watts Island5:56 am12:06 pm6:20 pm12:18 am
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Seaside tide predictions
October 12, 2019
Assacorkin Island5:37 am11:31 am5:53 pm11:49 pm
Assateague Beach2:14 am8:05 am2:30 pm8:23 pm
Chincoteague CGS2:39 am8:31 am2:55 pm8:49 pm
Chincoteague Inlet2:52 am8:36 am3:08 pm8:54 pm
Folly Creek2:39 am8:57 am2:55 pm9:15 pm
Franklin City4:26 am9:53 am4:42 pm10:11 pm
Gargathy Neck2:54 am9:04 am3:10 pm9:22 pm
Harbor of Refuge2:04 am8:06 am2:20 pm8:24 pm
Machipongo Inlet2:18 am8:34 am2:34 pm8:52 pm
Metompkin Inlet2:10 am8:34 am2:26 pm8:52 pm
Oyster Bay3:31 am9:17 am3:47 pm9:35 pm
Quinby Inlet entrance1:43 am8:02 am1:59 pm8:20 pm
Sand Shoal Inlet CGS1:46 am8:07 am2:02 pm8:25 pm
Ship Shoal Inlet2:04 am8:24 am2:20 pm8:42 pm
Smith Island CGS2:54 am8:21 am3:10 pm8:39 pm
The Swash2:09 am8:17 am2:25 pm8:35 pm
Upshur Neck2:47 am8:48 am3:03 pm9:06 pm
Wachapreague Inlet1:58 am8:07 am2:14 pm8:25 pm
Wallops Island1:26 am7:36 am1:42 pm7:54 pm
Wishart Point2:40 am8:19 am2:56 p