Former Vice President Joe Biden easily won the state of Virginia in the Democratic Primary Tuesday.  Statewide Biden won with 53% of the vote.  Second was Bernie Sanders with 23%, Elizabeth Warren was third with 11% and Michael Bloomberg received 9.6% of the vote.

The statewide results were reflected on the Eastern Shore.  In Accomack County Biden received 2,026 votes or 61%.  Sanders was second with 598 or 18% of the vote.  Bloomberg was third with 374 or 11.3% and Elizabeth Warren received 173 or 5.3%.

In Northampton it was Biden winning with 1,150 or 64% of the votes cast.  Sanders was second with  284 or 16%. Bloomberg was third with 227 or 13% and Elizabeth Warren received 83 or 4.6% of the local votes.

Approximately 30% of the electoral votes needed to win the nomination will be distributed as a result of the Super Tuesday elections.