The 2018 ESVA Artisans Guild Tour was one of the most vibrant and successful to date. The new Passport card program added another element of fun, providing people with the opportunity to win a shopping credit with any artisan on the 2018 Tour. We are happy to announce the winners, Sally Drake, and Dorothy Holloway. Winners were chosen at random at the Board of Directors meeting in December. Sally and Dorothy were among more than (number?) Passport Cards submitted during the tour.

Sally Drake, winner of the $300 credit said, “I was overjoyed and in disbelief at the same time. Lol! My husband and I have revisited Billy Crockett’s studio/workshop and were truly impressed with his artwork. After much discussion, Will and I have decided we will ask him to make us one of his beautifully detailed birds such as a blue heron, on a perch of some sort like a piece of driftwood.”

Passport cards were available at every stop on the tour. Visitors who returned their stamped passport card were eligible to win a $50 shopping credit. People who visited five or more studios (and had cards stamped) had a chance to win $300 credit.

Each year over the Thanksgiving weekend, Guild members open their studios to the public. This free driving studio and vineyard tour gives people a chance to see and purchase some of the best art made right here on the Shore. This year the tour included 15 stops and over 40 artists, including metal sculpture, fiber art, woodwork, painting, pottery and more.