Gloucester man looking for his grandchild’s lost camera

I am writing to you to hopefully enlist your help to find a lost camera.
While I realize this is not a very hot topic in the news world I can tell you it is for my 7 year old grandson. My son and his family were visiting for Easter weekend.

A bit of the story for you:

My family came to Cape Charles to go to the beach, get a bite to eat at the Shanty and just have a great day. This was on Friday April 15th.

My grandson, Cooper, was carrying a camera that I have for him to take photos. His camera looked like the one below.
Cooper had been taking photos during our outing and hadn’t shown anyone what he had found.

He will quickly tell you the rules are keep the wrist strap on and you can’t take photos of people you don’t know.
We left the Shanty and made a stop at Stingrays for a treat before our drive home to Gloucester County later that afternoon.

When we got home we found out that Cooper had misplaced his camera. It was no where to be found.

While this may not be important to others the reason it is for our family is that Cooper was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma last Thursday after his return home.

We do not want the camera back just the memory card that hopefully still contains the memories created by a 7 year old who loves bugs, his dog Sadie and coming to Nanny and Pops

We can be contacted at 804-832-6511 (cell) 804-832-6569 (cell) or 804-693-0222 (home). There would be a reward for the return of the memory card intact.

I appreciate you reading Coopers story and hopefully the great people of the community can help us find the photos!

Thank you,
Michael R Hooks
PO Box 359
Gloucester VA 23061

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