Pictured: Alex Foster holding his potential world record catch and release rockfish, courtesy of Chris’ Bait and Tackle.


Rockfish season ended at midnight on December 31 but a West Virginia fisherman traveled over 400 miles to catch and release a big rockfish.

According to the Virginian Pilot, Alex Foster has caught and released what is likely to be an International Game Fish Association world record for a striped bass he caught and released off Cape Charles. Foster was fishing with Sho-Nuff Sportsfishing with Captain Clinton Lessard Tuesday.  The fish measured 48.03 inches long, five centimeters longer than the current record and good enough to win him a release award from the Virginia Salt Water Fishing tournament. The fish tipped the scales at 58 pounds, far under the world record for the weight of a rockfish of  81 pounds, 14 ounces, which was caught in August of 2011 in Long Island Sound by angler Gregory Myerson.

Foster has been traveling to the Eastern Shore for several years hoping to get a shot at the world record.  The award is now pending for a world record. 

Reports are that there are still a few anglers enjoying catch and release fishing.  Stricter limits greatly reduced the number of anglers targeting the stripers this season.


Source Virginian Pilot