Boys 8-10
Shore defeated North Accomack 6-3 then played Fleet Park Gold and lost 14-2.  Shore will play VA Beach National on Tuesday at 6pm.
Central Accomack lost to VA Beach American 13-3. Central Accomack will play North Accomack on Monday at 6pm.

Boys Senior
Central Accomack defeated Aragon Pembroke 15-0.  Central Accomack plays Azalea or Fleet Park at 6pm Monday.
Shore lost to Fleet Park 18-1.

Girls 8-10
Central Accomack lost to Green Run 11-1.  Then lost to Plaza 39-23.
North Accomack lost to Green Run 11-1.  They will play Plaza on Tuesday at 6pm.

Girls Majors
Central Accomack defeated Azalea 12-1.

Broadwater Academy - It's Worth it!

Girls Seniors
Central Accomack defeated Aragona Pembroke 18-0.
North Accomack defeated Plaza 11-1.