Pictured: Central Accomack Little League’s new uniforms provided by Little League Baseball.  Players will be allowed to keep their new uniforms, shoes and hats.


The Central Accomack Little League All Stars will start off the Senior League World Series against a high powered team from Hawaii.  The game gets underway at 10:00 a.m.

Head Coach Ricky Parks said the boys are enjoying their time and have gotten a lot of swag from their sponsors:


Among the events were a parade yesterday evening that included a dance contest. The team’s Dustin Nelson entered.

Parks also said the field they are playing on is big, and he thinks that is going to benefit Central Accomack:


The plan right now is still to start Cade Williams on the mound this morning:


The Eastern Shore jumped behind the Central Accomack Senior Boys team in dramatic fashion Thursday. Two fund raisers, a Go Fund Me fundraiser by Hannah Annis and a Spaghetti Dinner by the Onancock Elks Lodge netted $25,000. The money is designated to family members of the players and coaches who will be traveling to the Senior World Series. The players are being funded by Little League International.

Parks said when he told the ESPN reporters about the fundraising, they loved it:


The game can be viewed online at ESPN Plus which is a subscription service.  WESR will be providing frequent updates throughout the game, provided by parents at the game.

This is the first Eastern Shore team to ever reach a this high level of achievement.  Central Accomack is guaranteed three games in the tournament that could last as long as 10 days.

Due to copyright regulations the game updates will not be available on the WESR stream. There will be score updates on shoredailynews.wpstagecoach.com.