At the end of one and  one half innings  CALL Leads Ga.  2 to nothing.

At the end of two innings  CALL leads Ga  2 to nothing

At the end of three innings CALL leads Ga 2 to nothing

At the end of four innings CALL leads GA  2 to nothing

Georgia scored on a bases empty home run and a single in the bottom of the fifth inning so we head to the top of the sixth inning  tied at two runs apiece.

In the sixth inning, Georgia stranded two runners and the score remains tied at 2 apiece heading into the 7th inning.  Central Accomack 2   Georgia 2

Central Accomack picked up a run in the bottom of the seventh inning  with Georgia batting in the bottom of the seventh CALL leads 3-2

Central Accomack WINS    CA 3  GA 2


The Central Accomack Girls  advanced in the Southeastern Regional Tournament Saturday in Salisbury North Carolina defeating Georgia 3-2.



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