The Accomack County Parks & Recreation’s Women’s Volleyball League finished its regular season with tough competition all the way. The team of Ocean Deli finished with a 15-1 record followed by the teams, Notorious Dig, Serve-ivors and Lady Aces. Playoffs start Monday at Arcadia Middle School.


Final Standings: Ocean Deli   15-1

Notorious Dig  13-3

Serve-ivors   12-4

Lady Aces   11-5

True Grit   8-8

Eastside Blockers  4-12

Y-Not    4-12

Arcadia   3-12

Tribe   2-14


Playoff Schedule:  Monday, March 4th.

6:30PM  Lady Aces vs True Grit

7:00PM  Serve-ivors vs Eastside Blockers

7:30PM  Y-Not vs Notorious Dig

8:00PM  Tribe vs Arcadia



Wednesday, March 6th.