FIBBERY: A commentary on the conduct of the Democrat party and the January 6 Committee

July 22, 2022

By Charles Landis

To say here was an insurrection on January 6 is a fibbery. The House January 6 committee is not other than a fibbery. To say the 2020 election was fair and secure is a fibbery.

Art. 1 Sec. 8 of Constitution gives Congress the authority to declare and suppress an insurrection. The Congress has not done this, will not do this ,and no one has been or will be charged with insurrection. Period.

The January 6 Committee is a select committee where Speaker Pelosi had a veto power of appointment of Republican members. She did not want the Republicans nominated and thus Liz Cheney is the token RINO member. Democrat chairmen also has power to deny hearing of witnesses and evidence Republicans want to testify. The Committee should be viewed as court proceeding where the defendant is not permitted to be represented by an attorney, have witnesses, or cross examine. The Jan 6 Committee is not other than a distraction from the complete failure of the Biden administration in addressing every domestic and foreign crisis confronting the nation as reflected in every poll.

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It is unfortunate that the Electoral Count act, and what Trump was trying to have VP Pence do, have been totally ignored by the Jan 6 Committee, media, and Democrats as a matter of policy.  Time and space do not allow explanation of the complexities of the Act, but this should be fundamental to any honest inquiry into what happened on January 6. The procedure began with one representative and one senator contesting certification of electors presented by Arizona and both houses recessing to respective chamber for 2 hours to consider. Pence, however, had already informed Trump he would not disallow count of any contested electors.

Had Pence done as Trump wanted and not counted electoral votes from a sufficient number of states to give majority of electoral accounts to Trump, unprecedented chaos and violence assuredly would have resulted throughout the United States. Had Pence been allowed to proceed as he intended and without the intervention of rioters there could have been a peaceful resolution, however contentious.

The biggest fibbery is the deceitful and untruthful narrative spun by the Democrat party that the 2020 election was fair and most secure in our history. In a comprehensive story written by Time magazine,  which may arguably be considered among the most bona fide anti-Trump media in America, they report the election on was won by “a well funded cabal of powerful people…working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage, and control media coverage.” Zuckerberg alone gave grants of over $400 million to left wing activist organizations to assist with administrative and staffing issues related to COVID issues.

The 2005 truly non-partisan Carter -Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform warned of the dangers of fraud with absentee voting. A major part of the Democrats strategy was the use of COVID concerns as a pretext for pushing for absentee voting. It worked as nearly half of votes cast were mail in. Together with third party Democrat activist vote harvesting, and unmanned drop boxes the strategy of the Zuckerbucks worked.

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The Commission reported the  best assurance of vote integrity was photo ID. While Biden has said this was like Jim Crow laws, all 47 democratic countries in Europe require it and strictly limit mail in voting because of fraud abuse.  It is a fibbery to say judges have adjudicated these issues when they simply dismiss because of lack of standing.

Three days after  the Capital riots, Pence met with the president of the Heritage Foundation and they determined what happened in the 2020 election must never be allowed to happen again. To that end the effort is being made to insure that the Constitutional mandate for only legislatures write the rules be enforced, voter lists be cleaned up and the Commission recommendation for voter integrity be established in every state. Meanwhile, by H1 and  S1, the Democrats are trying to federalize election laws and disregard  the Constitution, the Commission report and recommendation for election reform. They stand alone against every other democratic country in the West.

It is great fibbery to say Democrats have ANY INTEREST IN ELECTION INTEGRITY.


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