January 26, 2022
Glenn Youngkin

Governor Glen Youngkin appeared on the John Fredricks radio show in Richmond Tuesday and had these comments regarding his executive order banning mask mandates in Virginia’s schools.

“First I want to thank all of the school systems that are recognizing the rights of parents,” Youngkin said. “Is it a surprise that some of these school systems, in reality, it is about 25 of about 130 school system across Virginia who are not recognizing the rights of parents and oh by the way that haven’t been recognizing the rights of parents all along so I am not surprised to hear these reactions from school boards who have consistently prioritized bureaucrats and politicians over the rights of parents.”

“What I am telling the people today is to trust the legal process,” Youngkin continued. “It is not happening as fast as I would like, we’ve asked the Supreme Court to expedite things this week we will see how that goes. Trust the legal process, love your neighbor. This is one of these moments where I know people might want to do some things that make a strong statement, just love your neighbor.”

“Listen to your principal, it may not be exactly what you want to hear today but keep your kid in school that is really important, the legal process will sort this out because parents have this fundamental right in Virginia, it is in code, this will be decided in the favor of parents it is just going to take a little bit of time, be patient. We are going to get this done.”

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“The bottom line is that I think that many many many school systems absolutely wanted to stand up for parents, but again there was this constant drumbeat from the education unions that consistently tried to work against parent’s rights,” Youngkin said. “We see it with them trying to organize teachers to do and say things that at the end of the day we are not hearing from parents, we are not hearing from the teachers that I hear from all over Virginia that want to stand up for kid’s and family’s rights.”

“Let’s be real: Virginia was only one of 16 states that had a statewide mask requirement,” Youngkin continued. “This whole sentiment is moving against the teachers, the teacher’s unions, the teacher’s associations, and the left-liberals. We are on the right side of this issue.”


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