Satchell to serve 50 years for crime spree including murder of Bryan Daley

March 8, 2024
Antoinette Waneta Satchell

By Linda Cicoira

A woman who was using illegal drugs when she murdered Brian Lee Daley, maliciously wounded Ray (Buddy) Harrison Barnes and committed robbery and credit card larceny during a 2021 crime spree, was sentenced Thursday in Accomack Circuit Court to serve 50 years in prison.

Twenty-nine-year-old Antoinette Waneta Satchell, who lived on Jackson Street in Onancock when the crimes occurred, was given 50 years for the murder, 10 years for malicious wounding, 20 years for robbery with 10 suspended, and five years each for two counts of credit card larceny. Some of the time was set to run concurrently and some was partially suspended.

Defense lawyer Carl Bundick said his client did not testify because “she did not feel like it would be appropriate.” She pleaded guilty because “she wanted to make it right …She’s been anxious to accept responsibility. Bundick said Satchell has five children and hopes to someday come home and take care of them. He added that she has a long history of mental illness including schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“The whole thing was pretty senseless,” Retired Judge H. Thomas Padrick Jr. said at the start of the proceeding.

“Senseless is exactly what these events were,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan. “But they were also terrifying … She stood over” Barnes “with a filet knife asking him where the money was … She lured Daley to attempt to rob him … these are truly horrific crimes.”

The prosecutor argued that more people could have been hurt or killed as bullets flew across the street in Onancock. “This defendant is a very dangerous person.”

Padrick talked about the pain and suffering Daley’s family will continue to endure. “What will happen to your children?” he asked Satchell. “You kind of gave up the right to be their mother when you committed these crimes.”

Daley was found dead in his vehicle near Satchell’s house. Barnes was stabbed and beaten at his home.

Padrick accepted a plea agreement last summer that put a 50-year cap on the active prison time for Satchell. She previously was convicted of animal cruelty.

Barnes was “covered in blood” and was using a baseball bat as a crutch when he showed up at a neighbor’s house seeking help early on the morning of March 6, 2021, according to a document Morgan entered into court records. Barnes told authorities that a friend came to his home that night with Satchell. The victim said it was the first time he had met the defendant. The three used crack cocaine before the two visitors left.

Later, Satchell returned to Barnes’ house saying she needed to use his bathroom, Barnes told police. He showed her where the bathroom was and then found another man waiting for him in his living room.

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The man, (whose identity was not disclosed), demanded money and used “both his fists and a (baseball) bat to overpower Barnes,” Morgan wrote. Satchell wielded a “white-handled filet knife and begins to lacerate the incapacitated Barnes across the chest area while repeatedly asking him where his money was located.”

The two obtained his wallet, searched the kitchen, and left. A “pink electrical stun device” was later seized from Barnes’ home.

At around 10 p.m., March 7, 2021, police responded to a report of shots being fired at Satchell’s home. Daley’s body was found inside his vehicle at the scene. An autopsy showed his cause of death was “multiple sharp force and gunshot wounds.” Police found “fresh blood” on the steps of the house.

Satchell, and her boyfriend, Brandon Jamar Beach, were arrested a short time later in a car parked in front of an Onley motel. A debit card, wallet, and insurance cards belonging to Daley and a 9 mm pistol were found in the car. Packaging from the stun weapon, cartridge cases, a bullet, a knife with Daley’s blood, and a knife with Barnes’ blood were found at Satchell’s house.

Beach also admitted the crimes. His sentencing will be in April.

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