The Wildlife Center of Virginia will release two bald eagles into the wild on the Eastern Shore.

On Friday, two bald eagles will be released on Friday at the Muttonhunk Fen Natural Area Preserve in Accomack County at 2 p.m.

The Wildlife Center of Virgina gave details about the two eagles that will be released in Accomack County.

The first, Bald Eagle #19-1013, was a hatch-year bird that was found standing on a woodpile near a campground in Horntown for an extended period and seemed unable to fly.  The eagle was admitted on May 19 and examined.

The bird was quiet, weak, and thin. The eagle was placed in the tower portion of one of the Center’s three large flight pens. The tower serves as an artificial nest and provides room for young birds to stretch and flap their wings. From this balcony perspective, eaglets also can watch adult birds below.

The second bird, Bald Eagle #19-1573, was an adult eagle that was found on June 13 eating in a ditch near a  poultry processing plant and unable to fly.

Once the bird was at the center, the eagle was bright, alert, and feisty.  The eagle had severely soiled feathers. The staff that tried to clean the feathers learned the substance to be non-water soluble and very sticky.

The Center’s veterinary and rehabilitation team ultimately scrubbed the eagle with a Dawn dish soap solution and a toothbrush.

Center veterinary and rehabilitation staff have been regularly exercising these eagles and have determined that they are ready to be returned to the wild.

The bird releases are free and open to the public.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia does ask individuals interested in attending to one or both released to RSVP at