By Delegate Rob Bloxom

Listen to this report:

This week’s Capital report has more to do with my new appointments than the unfinished business of the budget. The Senate has decided to meet on May 14th for consideration of the Governor’s budget, the House budget, or their own budget. At this point, I do not know their intention and can only wait to see their course of action. The biannual budget is at an impasse, and all eyes are on the Senate, as the counties and cities draft their budgets to see what support the state will give to education, public safety, and transportation.

I continue to serve on the Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Transportation Committee. I have been reappointed to the Aerospace Advisory Council as well as the Joint Committee on Coastal Flooding. I have also been appointed two new positions which include the Virginia Rural Center Board of Directors and the Chesapeake Bay Commission. I am very pleased with my new appointments.  Serving on commissions and boards are important, due to the fact that policy and new legislative initiatives are a result of these meetings.  Specific problems may be delved into deeper during these gatherings as opposed to the quick sessions in Richmond. These meetings are held around the state in order to gather more citizen input.

 As always, I am truly honored to represent the 100th District. Thanks to so many of you for the emails and calls in response to my letter regarding school security. I continue to monitor the proceedings of the House Select Committee and have collected your input on this matter so that it can be forwarded  to the Committee. You may reach me at my home office in Mappsville at 824-3456 or email me at ​​ if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.