A recent article in the Washington Post cited experiences during the arson spree here on the Eastern Shore helped lead law enforcement officials to the Austin bomber.

On Tuesday, after a bomb exploded overnight at a FedEx package sorting facility in San Antonio, officials said they had found an undamaged package sent by the same suspect. Officials declined to say whether that package contained an unexploded bomb.

Former FBI supervisor David Gomez told the Post,”with serial bombings, a lot of the work is forensics – how much of the bomb you have, how much of a signature is there to its construction, the type of material, etc., When agents recover an exploded bomb, they painstakingly search for fingerprints or DNA evidence, then try to rebuild it to determine all the components and see whether it points to a particular store or purchaser. With an unexploded device, all that potential evidence is at hand.”

The article goes on to cite the experience in Accomack County. It said that as in that case, criminals tend to hit targets they are familiar with at first. Experts were able to identify Tanya Bundick’s home street by the pattern they observed.

In an arson situation, law enforcement officers or witnesses have to catch someone in the process of starting a fire in order to establish a case. The arsonists were arrested on April 1, 2013 after police observed someone setting a fire at an abandoned house in the Melfa area.


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