The Wachapreague Volunteer Fire Company has cancelled its carnival for the second year due to COVID-19 concerns. In a notice posted on the Wachapreague Vol. Fire Department said this:

“With deep regret, the WVFC announces the cancellation of the 2021 Fireman’s carnival.

Please understand the difficulty in reaching this tough decision. Some factors we considered were the so many uncertainties regarding crowd size restrictions, spacing of our patrons in the ride and concession lines, even more difficult would be the seating of our Bingo patrons in such a small area. We’d be unable to have games where patrons repeatedly touch the same game items. With many people still apprehensive about public contact, getting enough volunteers from the community to even open up each night would be challenging at best. Above all, the safety and health of our patrons, volunteers and members was the bottom line in making this decision.

Our members have worked very hard this past year to continue with small fundraising events to help with the lost income of no carnival. We will continue to keep that same drive throughout this year as well. Please check our Facebook page often to see what we’ve got in store. Although our Fireman’s carnival only runs for 3 weeks in the summer, it is an ALL year endeavor for our membership. Planning, upkeep and maintenance never stops. We just recently purchased a replacement Ferris Wheel that will be delivered in early April. As carnival work never ends, you will see continued activity throughout the year, please stop by and say hi to this devoted hard working group of folks!!”