By Ted Shockley


There has been plenty of precipitation this winter, but not what the Virginia Department of Transportation expected in January and February.

Usually VDOT is called on for snow removal this time of year. But residency administrator Chris Isdell said this year the heavy rainfall totals have “created a host of challenges.”

Isdell told the Northampton County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, March 12 that crews are “working on drainage every day” from the wet winter.

Drainage and pavement repair from the heavy rains have been priority work assignments, he said.

Board Chairman Spencer Murray said he understood.

“The ditches are full of water,” he said. “I don’t know where the water is going to go.”

Rainfall through January and February made the first two months of 2019 among the wettest in decades, official totals show.

Inundated ditches, fields with standing water and even swamped residential yards have been the result of almost 8.2 inches of rain that fell during January and February at the Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Painter.

Murray also said he has been concern with the number of failing drainfields because of the heavy rainfall.