Tropics starting to become more active; no threats to Eastern Shore so far

August 18, 2023

Officials from the National Hurricane Center predicted that action in the tropics would heat up as August progressed and it looks like it is happening on cue.  Currently there are two areas of possible development off the coast of Africa and one in the Gulf of Mexico.  Both disturbances off of Africa  are predicted to move into the central Atlantic Ocean and not threaten the East Coast.  The disturbance in the Gulf has a low chance of development but even if it does, atmospheric currents are predicted to move it west over the coast of Mexico.

There is still plenty of time for everyone on the Shore to plan what you will do if a hurricane moves this way.   Knowing what you’re going to do will make it much easier to prepare if necessary.

The Eastern Shore has been hit by  many tropical storms and full blown hurricanes over the last 300 years.

The best way to prepare is to log on to the ANEC  Hurricane Survival Guide on Shore Daily  You will find a flood zone locator in which you can enter your address and find out your zone. There are also several links for everything from how to prepare your home or boat to shelter locations and much more.

If you live in a flood zone, a mobile home or under tall trees it is best to decide where you might go if evacuation is required.  The best way is to go to a friend or relatives home outide the flood zone.  Public shelters may be crowded and often uncomfortable.

If you have pets, plan in advance how you will take care of them.  While there will be one shelter that will allow pets  the others do not.

Also stock pile a couple of days worth of non perishable food just in case the electricity is off  for an unknown period of time.

Have a portable radio and some flash lights with extra batteries.  Cell service may be unavailable and you need to be able to get valuable information.

No telling whether will the Eastern Shore will get hit this season but a little advance planning and preparation will make a big difference if  we do.

Visit the Hurricane Survival Guide  sponsored by A&N Electric Co-op under the weather tab or pick up a paper copy available at many local businesses.

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