From Bryan Rush with the Chincoteague Island Department of Emergency Management:

The Town of Chincoteague’s Emergency Management Team continues to monitor the dangerous Hurricane Florence. The Town has declared a state of emergency.

Because of the severity of the storm, Governor Ralph Northam has issued an evacuation order for all of the Virginia A Evacuation Zones beginning at 8AM this morning, Tuesday, September 11.

Chincoteague is in the A Zone.

The Town of Chincoteague has issued a mandatory evacuation for all non-residents beginning at 8AM, Wednesday, September 12. All non-residents should return to their primary homes at that time.

Local Shelters will open at 5PM Wednesday. Shelters are located at:

Arcadia High School, 8210 Lankford Hwy., Oak Hall, VA 23416

Residents who go to a shelter should bring a picture ID and come prepared to be self-sustaining for three days.  They should bring nonperishable food items, bedding and hygiene items, changes of clothing, quiet items such as books and games, and whatever medications are needed.  No smoking, drugs, alcohol, or weapons of any kind are allowed in the shelter.

There is still time to make your preparations, secure your property, and plan to evacuate.

Residents who choose to stay home should be prepared to be without power for at least three days. They should have at least one gallon of water per person per day along with nonperishable food items.  Bathtubs can be filled with water before the power goes out to supplement bottled water. Hurricane kits with battery-powered radios, flashlights, lanterns, and first aid items are also recommended

Please stay tuned to local media, the Town’s Official Facebook page or EOC page, and for updates and further instructions. You can also sign up for Code Red Reverse Calling at

The Chincoteague Family is trying to get people off the island that otherwise do not have a way to get off. The Y’s Do Good Bus will start trips as soon as the shelters at the schools open (expected tomorrow or Thursday). The bus can carry up to 14 in a trip load and are willing to take as many trips as are allowed before the storm starts or the causeway is closed.

Currently, the Y is trying to get confirmation of a pet-friendly shelter at the school in Pocomoke and will *try* to do loads there, too. The Y is for strengthening community, simply put – that’s our mission. And right now, we need all the strength we can get to keep folks safe. Call (757) 710-6414 if you or a loved one needs help getting evacuated and to the shelter.