By Wesley Edwards


Travis Brown, with one year, 5 months and 19 days left on his probation and suspended sentence appeared in Accomack County Circuit Court on Thursday for a probation violation that included testing positive for illegal substances and failure to report to the probation Department as scheduled.

Defense attorney Paul Watson told the court that the probation Department did not wish to continue probation for Brown as they considered him not to be receiving any benefit from being on probation.

Elizabeth Wolf the Commonwealth’s attorney for this case told the court that the defendant had 3 separate violations since he had been on probation and that she felt he should now serve out the remaining time and be released.

Watson acknowledged the fact the defendant did not complete the detention and diversion program, had tested positive for illegal substances, and had had a fight in the County jail.

Judge Lewis told the defendant that he needed to wake up and make up his mind if he wanted to spend his life behind bars before re-imposing the one year 5 months and 19 day sentence.

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