Accomack County School Superintendent Chris Holland addressed the Accomack County Board of Supervisors Wednesday night. Holland told the board that the school system is off to a good start. On the first day of school this year enrollment was at 4771. While the opening day enrollment in 2017 was 4852, at the end of two weeks the enrollment rose to 5045, 193 more than last year.

Holland told the board that all 11 schools are now accredited and there is one that is accredited with conditions. Holland said that that school has gotten its test scores up and will hopefully have the conditions dropped in the next year or two. He said it took administration, staff students, parents and support from the county to accomplish these goals.

Holland thanked the board for its support including extra funding for teacher raises and money that enabled the school system to replace roofs at Chincoteague Elementary and Accomacke Elementary.

Holland said that Accomack had hired 39 new teachers this year down from over 60 last year.