Star Transit has announced a new route. It’s called the Silver Route and will serve northern Accomack County. The route will serve riders at the Oak Hall Food Lion, Bounty’s Bounty, the Atlantic Medical Center, Royal Farms at the Maryland Line, the Town of New Church, the Holland Mobile Home Park, and Cardinal Village Park. Additional stops will originate and serve Oak Hall Food Lion, Wattsville Royal Farms, Chincoteague Town Office, Chicken City , Church St. and Willow St on Chincoteague, the Chincoteague Shore Stop, the Wallops Main Gate, The Wattsville Corner Market, Fleming Road to Horntown, Trails End Park, the Horntown Post Office, Wattsville Corner Market, Wolf’s in Atlantic, Nocks Landing Road and the Oak Hall Post office.

Star Transit Manager Bill Moore said that this new route will enable Star Transit to more completely cover the Eastern Shore providing service now to northeast Accomack County and the Town of Chincoteague.