Again, the Electric Co-op Hurricane Survival Guide is available.   The guide covers a variety of subjects including tips on what to do before and after a hurricane or tropical storm.  A tab that allows participants to put in their address and find out the status of your home and property should a hurricane threaten the Eastern Shore.  It has a list of public shelters, an analysis of several historical hurricanes that affected the Eastern Shore,  tips from the Red Cross and local governments on preparation, recovery and how to stay safe in a storm.

You can begin preparations now by simply thinking out a plan as to what you would do if a storm threatens this area.  Decide where you would go if an evacuation order  is made.  The options are go to a public shelter,  book a hotel room away from the evacuation zone, or plan to ride out the storm at the home of family members or friends in a safe area.

You can also prepare by starting to accumulate the items you might need in the event of a storm now so that you won’t be in long lines as a storm approaches.

WESR’s Charlie Russell said, “the most important thing anyone can do at this stage is to plan ahead.  This will increase the odds of you and your property getting through the storm with minimal damage.”

The Eastern Shore was affected by Hurricane Isaias last season but the effects were not major.

An updated paper version of the ANEC ShoreDailyNews Hurricane Survival Guide will be available at many local stores in June.