October 19, 2020
Mandi Mears

By Kelley Gaskill

Life’s lessons come through our accumulated experiences. It’s not what happens to us, it’s what we make of it. This morning, we are sharing a replay of our visit with Mandi Mears:

Mandi has begun the Christmas drive that she’s spent the last 5 years helping to benefit the Eastern Shore Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She says this year may be a little more challenging for us, but she, along with the community’s help, will give it their best effort. It begins with Stage 1 / Go Fund Me: Any donation amount you could share is appreciated, even $5 adds up quickly – seriously! 100% of proceeds go directly to purchasing gifts for the women and children in the shelter; extra funds are used for cleaning/ basic supplies for the shelter itself, gas and food gift cards. ?

Stage 2 / The Wish Lists: Stay tuned for our “most wanted gifts” list once we coordinate with the shelter, drop-off locations will also be verified soon!

ESCSB Holiday Gift Responsibly

Stage 3 / The Shopathon: This is when they use all the monies donated to purchase remaining gifts directly from the “wish lists”. ?.

Stage 4 / Delivery: After our holiday elves wrap and divvy up all the gifts, we load everything up and take our caravan of stuffed cars to the shelter so these ladies are relieved of the burden of providing Christmas this year. ?

Mandi adds that any support is appreciated. A share, a like, a donate… it all makes a difference. For more information, visit Mandi Mears Faceboook page. To donate visit GoFundMe.com.


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