A favorite pastime is riding around looking at Christmas lights. Regardless your age, the colorful lights can awaken your inner child as you enjoy the various displays. But what goes into creating a synchronized Christmas music and light show? In this look back to the holiday season of 2020, Kelley visited with Joshua Voss as he shared his perspective creating a very memorable display on Gladding Road in Mears that has been delighting folks in our community this season.

For 2021, Josh Voss has created Theme Nights with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights being The Reason For The Season. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights is the regular show featuring standard favorite Christmas songs from various artist. Sunday is Kid’s night with a playlist of songs just for children.  The show is a half hour long and begins each night now through New Year’s at 5:30 PM. The last show begins each night at 10 PM.