Pictured from left to right: Northampton County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Laura Dodson, Steve Sturgis, Kyle Sturgis and NCCC President Caitlin Hart.


The Northampton County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award Recipient is selected each year by nominations from the Membership. The recipient is one who provides a sustainable service to the County and goes above and beyond for the community. We are pleased to announce that this year’s Northampton County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year 2020 is awarded to Shore Breeze Farms. 

Shore Breeze Farms is operated by the Sturgis Family and includes a farm stand as well as hydroponic greenhouse located just outside of the Town of Cape Charles. The farm stand operates seasonally and not only sells produce to our locals and visitors but also has a wide variety of local items including sausages, jams, and spreads, just to name a few. The method of hydroponics used in the greenhouse allows for lettuce to be grown more sustainably with higher yields, year-round. Governor Northam recently saw the potential in this business and awarded the farm with funds to increase production by thirty percent. This production level allows greens to be provided to local schools, restaurants, and various other markets not just exclusive to the County. It should be noted that this is the first grant of its kind to be awarded in Northampton. This is the kind of innovation that the Chamber is thrilled to see taking place in the community. 

This fall, in the wake of COVID, the Sturgis’s decided to think out of the box and bring some joy to the children of the community by creating a “pumpkin patch” at local schools in place of a field trip. The students were able to pick out their own pumpkins in a simulated “patch” while safely social distancing in the lawns of their respective schools. The family has also shown much dedication and care for educating our youth with their countless hours of participation in past Northampton Agricultural County Fairs. 

Northampton County is made better by business owners such as the Sturgis Family of Shore Breeze Farms and we look forward to seeing this business flourish even further over the years.