Northampton County Sheriff David Doughty announces a new app available to the public that alerts residents of crimes and other situations. It also allows citizens to use the app to send in tips regarding criminal or unusual activity in their community and remain completely anonymous.

The app will enable the Sheriff’s Office to send specific neighborhood-zip code crime alert messages and can be used to inform the public about road closures and weather events such a hurricane.

We have also partnered with our schools to provide the app to enable students to send anonymous tips to Administrators, School Resource Officers, and other authorized personnel who can respond to the tips from any device. The app will give students a way to anonymously communicate with School Officials and Law Enforcement on issues that pose a threat to the safety of their fellow students, teachers, and staff.

The free app provided through Tip 411 can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store by searching Northampton Sheriff. Residents can also send Tips from any computer or tablet by going to

Tips can also be sent by calling the Tip Line at (757) 678-0458 or by text message to 847411 and beginning the message with NCSO.

When tips are sent they are sorted and received by designated administrators with the Sheriff’s Office or School. If the tip is a school related issue it will be received by the Sheriff’s Office, School Administrator, and School Resource Officer. If the tip is related to a law enforcement issue in the community it will be only be received by the Sheriff’s Office. Once the tip is received it will be assigned to the appropriate administrator. The person submitting the tip will receive confirmation that the tip was received and can then communicate with additional information including photos or videos. Additionally, when tips are received the person submitting the tip will have an open line of communication with the administrator who was assigned the tip. The tip thread can be closed at any time by either the person submitting the tip or the administrator.

The Tip 411 app is not intended to be used in emergencies or to replace calling 911.

“We are working every day to continue to strengthen our relationship with the community. It has been my mission since day one as your sheriff to make Northampton County as safe as it can be. I see this as a great way for our citizens to become involved with helping us make Northampton County a safe place to live, work, play, and raise our families,” Sheriff David Doughty said.

Apple users can download the Tip 411 app here.

Android users can download the Tip 411 app here.