September 22-28, 2019 will mark the annual Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. According to Pro Literacy the leading membership organization advancing the cause of adult literacy and basic education in the nation, reading, writing and basic math remain an elusive target for 36 million adults nationwide. These numbers include 28.5% of residents in Accomack County and 37.5% of the residents in Northampton County who live below the poverty level and have less than a high school diploma or GED.

The Eastern Shore Literacy Council is part of the national network of organizations that works to end the adult literacy crisis. The organization’s volunteer tutors provide free tutoring at sixteen sites in Accomack and Northampton County to adults who struggle with basic reading and writing. In addition, Family Literacy activities are scheduled on a monthly basis for parents of ESOL learners at Metompkin and Pungoteague Elementary Schools. These activities teach parents reading strategies to help increase child’s language and literacy outcomes as well as bring in representatives from local organizations to increase parent awareness of available services in their community. .

For more information, please contact the Eastern Shore Literacy Council at or call 757-789-1761.