A magazine that focuses on the Chesapeake Bay’s seafood industry has dedicated it’s entire September issue to the waterman of Tangier Island. The September issue of Chesapeakeville Magazine chronicles the difficulties of what they call “ one of the greatest Bay waterman communities.”  

Chesapeakeville publisher Tim Thompson talks about the difficulties facing Tangier ranging from erosion to the collapse of the oyster population in the 1970s and the issues that are facing the blue crab industry.  Chesapeakeville  writes about the Tangier Island Oyster Company which it is hoped will help build a new future for oystering by farming the famous Chesapeake Bay bivalves. 

Captain Ed Charnock

Thompson, from Toping, Va. dedicated the September edition in part to  the memory of Captain Ed Charnock who died last spring when his 40 ft. workboat sunk in the waters off of Tangier. Charnock’s son was also on board but was rescued by other Tangier watermen who responded to their may day call.

Thompson not only examines the difficulties faced by the watermen of Tangier but he also  the basic religious faith that has helped Tangiermen through the rigors of island life.

The magazine can be purchased at the Machipongo Clam Shack in Nassawadox.


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