September 9, 2023
Chincoteague Island

According to a post on the Chincoteague VFD Facebook page, Chincoteague Saltwater Cowboys are still searching for the evasive stallion Twist on Assateague Island.  The stallion has been spotted but has not given in to attempts to corral him.

“A roundup was conducted up north for the first round of fall pickups on August 26. All but one group arrived at the corral, the “fugitives” were all with the stallion Twist. We have had problems with Twist and his mares being elusive before so we decided to walk his territory on foot to check everything over. This was to no avail, Twist and his group of brightly colored mares were hiding well enough that even when we attempted a second roundup they stayed somewhere off the radar. Our priority was the three foals in his group which would have gone home that day. After an evening scouting effort found the foals but no herd we tried to capture the foals, again to no avail. Sunday we went back, located the foals and as we moved in they darted in the woods and after an hour of playing peek a boo they too disappeared. At this point we still hadn’t seen the adult herd yet after two days and well over 10,000 acres covered on horseback, polaris, pickup truck,and on foot. Twist wasn’t seen until Sunday evening and the foals were spotted back with their mothers shortly after. After locating Twist and the whole herd this past Sunday we rode again and Twist didn’t have a chance to get to his hiding spot but he got near the corral and turned around and the herd barreled through the cowboys. So they are still “at large” and we will continue to try and capture the foals before we do the fall roundup at which time, if Twist is captured, he will move south for the winter.”



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