Rocket Lab will have its groundbreaking ceremony today at 10:45 at the site adjacent to the Wallops gate.  The new facility will be used to manufacture rockets that will be launched at Wallops to access low earth orbit.   Accomack County Board of Supervisors Chairman Billy Joe Tarr spoke about the importance of Rocket Lab to our economy at Thursday’s Eggs and Issues Breakfast.

Senator Lynwood Lewis also said that Rocket Lab won’t be the end of development at Wallops, rather it will be the beginning.

Delegate Rob Bloxom, who serves on the MEI committee in the General Assembly commented on the state’s role in attracting Rocket Lab and other industries to Virginia.

Rocket Lab will manufacture Neutron Rockets at the facility which is timely and important considering Russia’s decision to withdraw from the agreement to operate the International Space Station.  The Neutron will be capable of sending supplies and even astronauts at some point to the ISS.