Riverside to use Artificial Intelligence to help radiologists detect cancers in mammograms

October 2, 2023

As a commitment to innovation in breast cancer detection, Riverside Health System has partnered with Transpara® Breast Care, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) system designed to help radiologists detect cancers in mammograms.  The software serves as a second set of eyes for providers to identify patterns of cancerous breast tissue and aims to detect cancer early, when it may be easier to treat.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the result of a hands-off machine developing a specific set of skills after a learning period through repetitive experience. AI can be used in hundreds of functionalities to aid humans in daily life, such as autonomous vehicles, voice assistants, personalized learning and fraud prevention. However, in recent years, companies have been using AI in health care applications.

Transpara, founded in 2014, is harnessing the power of computer learning to identify and detect cancerous tissue patterns and assist radiologists in analyzing mammogram results. The AI system was trained by analyzing over one million mammograms provided by research organizations worldwide. Each mammogram read through Transpara helps the software identify breast cancer and teaches the system to detect and recognize aspects of suspicious tissue quickly and easily. Transpara is the first computer software designed, tested and approved by the Federal Drug Administration  and CE marked for use in European countries.

“We are excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to our patients and the communities we serve,” says Benjamin Pettus, M.D., PH.D., radiologist at Riverside Regional Medical Center. “This AI powered computer algorithm will serve as yet another layer of protection for our patients and at no additional charge.  Reporting, management, and subsequent care will otherwise remain unaltered and guided by the Radiologist. We hope that the added use of this software will further alleviate stress for patients as we continue our quest to find cancer at the earlies possible stages while also reducing wait times, diagnostic recalls, and biopsies.”

Patients will receive their annual 2-D or 3-D mammogram as normal. Once the screening is complete, the scans are fed through an online HIPPA compliant AI portal to assist the radiologist in analyzing and reporting mammogram results faster with greater accuracy.

“In conjunction with regular mammogram screening, Transpara AI can save lives,” says Annie Smith, Director of Imaging Services at Riverside Regional Medical Center. “The software will provide the radiologist with second set of eyes to analyze results and assist in detecting cancer earlier when it may be easier to treat. We are excited to provide this second layer of defense for our patients.”

To learn more about Riverside Breast Cancer Care, please visit riversideonline.com/breastcancer.

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