ONANCOCK, Va. – The Eastern Shore community has had a century-long record of supporting local health care, dating from the first hospital Auxilians who raised money for the bricks and windows needed to build the very first Shore hospital which opened in 1928.

The newest hospital to serve the Shore is now located in Onancock, and it is designed to enhance healing through natural colors and natural light. The new hospital is nearly 20% larger in square footage than the Nassawadox building, but the banks of windows mean that there is limited wall space.

On a large wall in the new hospital lobby, Riverside planned an innovative and elegant digital donor display to recognize community members who have generously supported the hospital in the past.

Donors who were honored or memorialized on plaques on doors and in hallways in the Nassawadox hospital are now featured on the digital display.

“The digital display gives us the opportunity in the future to expand on the story of these visionary individuals,” said John Peterman, Vice President and Administrator at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital. “We cherish the rich history that brought us from the 1910s to today. Three successive hospital buildings and a large integrated health network have been possible because our community supports us. Not a day goes by that we don’t remember that.”

Because the plaques are now documented digitally, the individual plaques themselves are available to be returned to the donors or to the family members of the persons honored and memorialized on the plaques.

Riverside is planning several dates on which community members can come to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital at 20480 Market Street, Onancock VA to pick up any plaques belonging to their family. The dates and times are:
October 23-24, 9am 5pm
October 26, 1 5pm
October 30-31, 9am 5pm
November 1, 1 5pm
November 2, 9am 5pm

Visitors should enter through the main lobby, visit the information desk upon arrival and ask for Pam Parker. Parker can be reached at 757-302-2150.