Carlos Wise of New Church was in Accomack County Circuit Court on Thursday facing a malicious wounding charge that occurred on June 13, 2017 when Wise’s automobile was being repossessed for nonpayment.

Repo man Michael Miller went to the home of the defendant Carlos Wise and was in the process of loading the automobile when Wise came out of the home with a knife telling Miller they may be going to repo his car but not before he slashed the tires. Miller’s arm was subsequently slashed.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Elizabeth Wolf told the court that the Commonwealth had agreed to reduce the charge to unlawful wounding in exchange for a guilty plea which had been accepted by the defendant.

Defense attorney Teresa Bliss told the court that the defendant did slash both right side tires and Miller’s arm but he had been incarcerated for more than 3 months before being released on bond and that she felt the guidelines would be very close to that time, therefore she was asking that he remain out on bond until the actual sentencing could be determined.

Judge Lewis accepted the guilty plea continuing the case until February 5, 2018 allowing the defendant to remain out on bond until the actual sentencing hearing.


Alexa WESR