An email has gone out to Eastern Shore farmers reminding them that rapeseed could constitute another option for winter crops this year

Jeff Riddle, Grower Relations Manager for Perdue Agribusiness-Specialty Crops from Greensboro North Carolina said:

“If growers are looking for another winter cropping option they may want to consider rapeseed, also known as canola.  It expands rotations, makes more money than winter wheat, its tap root helps improve soil tilth, and it has an easier plant back than wheat.  If growers are interested in learning more, contact us early allows us to check out the herbicides used on their prior crop and insure there will be no herbicide carryover issues.”

David Holshouser of the Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center commented:

“Rapeseed gives our farmers an additional winter crop option.  I have grown double-crop soybean after rapeseed harvest and it works as well as as small grain (from the soybean perspective).  Many growers have gained experience with this over the last couple of years.  Although Wade and I are not endorsing that farmers’ enter into a contract to grow rapeseed with Perdue Agri Business, we do recognize that this is a viable option.”