Pictured: Dr. Bob Paschall, wearing a Temple University football helmet, on Tuesday with his new bicycle and Riverside colleagues. 

By Ted Shockley


Dr. Bob Paschall has settled on a replacement for his pilfered pedals.

Paschall, a neurologist at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital in Onley, is known to bicycle between his office and the hospital, a striking sight on the asphalt parking lot amid the cars and ambulances.

But his old two-wheeler was stolen over Memorial Day weekend, a not-so-nice hospital heist that put his pedaling on ice.

It hasn’t been recovered. It is unknown if there are any suspects. But a friend got Paschall up and riding again.

“One of our EMTs, Dean Orsino, went out and brought me an interim bike and the bike lock,” Paschall said.

But on Tuesday, June 11, Paschall debuted the brand-new bicycle he bought, which he called the “Best of the East Campus Cruiser.”

He is photographed with the bicycle while wearing a football helmet from Temple University, where Paschall lettered on the football team in 1972 and 1973.

The helmet, he said, is important.

“Somebody saw me riding it across Route 13 so I could go to the bank, and put on Facebook what a terrible example I set as a neurologist riding a bicycle without a helmet,” Paschall said.

“It was brought to my wife’s attention, so now I have to wear a helmet,” he said.

Paschall, 67, has worked locally as a neurologist for 35 years and has a legion of appreciative patients and families who are accustomed to seeing him on the bicycle.

Still, he didn’t think the theft of his old ride rose to the level of hot-headline breaking news.

“Must be a slow news day on the Shore,” he said.



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