Pictured: The Assateague Beach, courtesy of the National Park Service.


A plan has been set in motion to protect the parking lot of Assateague Beach at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

According to Nancy Finley, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Manager, an environmental study, which included public input, has been completed. This has prompted a plan to move the parking lot north by about a mile. While further away from the beach, the new location will allow for erosion to take its toll for the next 25 years before again threatening the parking lot.

Here is Finley talking about what will be different:


One of the main comments addressed was the hope that Tom’s Cove Park would remain unchanged. Finley said they have taken this public sentiment into account:


However, if you frequent Assateague Beach, these changes won’t happen this year and likely next either.

The CNWR has just begun the permitting process, which promises to be lengthy, and they will need to secure funding for the project. While they have begun to apply for grants, Finley said it is possible the project will be completed incrementally over a long period of time.