By Wesley Edwards

Thomas Bunting came to Accomack County Circuit Court on Thursday with a plea agreement that stated he would plead no contest to the charge of possession of a firearm by felon and the 2nd charge carrying a concealed weapon would be Nolle processed.

The Commonwealth’s attorney Spencer Morgan told the court that on September 16, 2016 the drug task force recognized the defendant’s car and made a routine traffic stop and initially it appeared to them that the defendant was putting something under the seat. Subsequently a search was made and the gun was discovered and recovered.

Defense attorney Teresa Bliss told the court that the defendant was in a friend name Giddens’ automobile as a passenger and when Giddens spotted the task force police car he gave the handgun to Bunting, instructiing him to get rid of it. She stated that the defendant likely had possession of the gun less than 2 minutes. Bliss then told the judge that Giddens had pending warrants and charges therefore did not want to be caught with the firearm.

Judge Lewis then accepted the plea agreement as amended and continued the case for sentencing until February 5, 2018.